Travel Meeting #1

Tonight, we met a few folks that we might be traveling to China with. We’re going to have a few meetings where we discuss the logistics and details and whatnot. But of course, the meeting began with the ceremonial exchange of adorable kid photos. Phones were passed, and some people even had print outs.

There’s one other couple who is adopting a child from the same province that we are, so it’s possible that we’ll be traveling together. Regardless, we’ll have a local translator/fixer on hand during throughout our trip. We also found out about the piles of money we’ll be bringing, and how to keep it all from getting folded or wet. And don’t drink the water.

Overall, there wasn’t much new tonight, but it was still a nice review, and it was good to share with other families getting ready for this crazy journey. Just a few more months..

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