The downpour continues!

Late last week, I had a text from Brian that read “Baby shower today!”  When he came into work that day, he was greeted with the following:

Apparently, they also glitter-bombed his desk, too. We’re still finding glitter in our house!

There was cake (really, really good cake!), snacks, and a lot of gifts and well-wishes from Brian’s generous co-workers. Brian also got to share in the fun experience of the amazing clothespin gift bag.

Here’s Brian beginning to open his surprise bag from shower-gifting ninja Sheryll (at right).

And to wrap up the event, Brian’s programming team took a “family photo” holding the baby clothes line gift. Everyone is quite excited about the arrival of our son.

The Computershare Programming Family– let’s hope Alexander is a Perl man, too!

In other exciting news, our flights are booked for China! Our agency is wrapping up our itinerary and hotel reservations, but things are continuing to roll along.


1 thought on “The downpour continues!

  1. So exciting!! yahooooooooo! you guys are almost there! I’m so thrilled to hear about the baby shower Brian’s colleagues threw for you three. What a thoughtful bunch!
    ever looking forward to meeting Alexander,
    Sally, Casey & Lou

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