Our Alexander Thomas

The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived….. we have a son! On Monday evening, January 21, 2013, we received an email from our social worker that will change our lives forever. Staring back at us through my laptop screen were several photos of a little 10 month old boy diagnosed with severe cleft lip and palate. We continued to hold our breath throughout the week as we awaited several medical opinions on his medical records and lab reports. We heard what we expected to hear- that our little man is incredibly tiny for his age because of his medical diagnosis, and that he’ll need at least one surgery in the first few months home.

On Wednesday afternoon after a final consultation with the University of Chicago’s International Adoption Clinic, Brian and I looked at each other and couldn’t stop grinning.  This little boy, who we have chosen to call Alexander Thomas, is our long-awaited son.  After several phone calls (most of which ended up with all parties in tears), our application was electronically submitted early Thursday morning the 24th to the Chinese government and the countdown began.

Today, we received word from our agency that the Chinese government has issued us a preliminary approval (PA) for the adoption of little Alexander Thomas. Our huge dossier-o-life is now being scrutinized to make sure that we are a stable, loving, and healthy couple and a suitable home for this little guy. Once they have confirmed all of the information in our application, they will issue us a formal Letter of Acceptance (LOA) which we will have to sign and FedEx back to the Chinese government. Then the real fun of governments negotiating with governments begins. We hope, with fingers and toes crossed, that we will be able to travel by sometime in June at the latest.

But all in good time. For now, join us in the celebration that our family is growing, that this little boy, our son, has found his family.

We hope to be able to share more details about our son as soon as we can; until we officially sign the letter of acceptance, we will need to be sensitive about the information we share here. Feel free to contact us directly if you are interested in more details.






5 thoughts on “Our Alexander Thomas

  1. Wow! I am soooo happy for you guys!!!! I can’t wait for photos and all of your travel stories. I also can’t stop smiling!

    BTW, I wasn’t stalking you, I just happened to be on WordPress posting to my blog.

    Tee Hee.

    • Thanks Teresa! We have a lot of waiting ahead of us. We’re hoping for a fast LOA, but Chinese New Year may slow things down a bit. We’ll keep you all updated 🙂

  2. Congratulations on this very important and happy piece of news. Our hearts , prayers and love go to and with you on this next step of your journey. Aunt Ann

  3. Dear Kathleen and Brian,
    We are so overjoyed and excited for the both of you and for little Alexander Thomas. Yahoo, Blessed Be! The moment has arrived, you two have a son!!! Isn’t it amazing?! The feeling is like no other, isn’t it? We love you both so much and cannot wait to meet Alexander Thomas some time in the near future.
    So much love to you both,
    Sally, Casey & Lou

    p.s. Are you registered anywhere in particular? If not, please email me personally and let me know some things on your Wishlist, etc.


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